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Mad Bees! Avalanche Ramp Oscillator--Smells like Insect Spirit

Greets again fellow synth nerds:

I broke my own rule of DIY and perfboarded a new design. The rule: I figure it's quicker these days for me to use Eagle to craft a PCB I want to mess with, kludge in any parts, and see if I can get it to work.  If I can great, if not, toss it and start over....but not this time....

The back story:

I was up late watching my usual youtube electronics vids to help me fall asleep (Carlson's lab is a favorite for that! 2+ hours of a Canadian tech saying "abooot" while restoring a tube amp? This guy is awesome!) and came across this Colin Furze clone DIY audio dude. At least he's a synth player, he doesn't ride around on jet powered bicycles and you gotta love that earring!

Close enough!

OK Sir Thomas Dolby-Colin Furze's kid brother has a super fun series of vids about using a NPN as an "avalanche oscillator".  (BTW I really like his videos! All kinds of great stuff! Mr. Carlson's energy and then some! be …