Friday, September 28, 2018

Tape Deck Mult Panel--An Easy One (Two)

Nothing like finished panels....

I guess I like the Tascam SS-R220 stereo solid state recorder....I own three of these....
What is good about these?

  • Good bang for the buck
  • Decent A/D D/A without paying a fortune
  • Digital IO so you can use better D/A if you want (I use a UA 2192 and one of these for mastering--always liked the way the 2192 AD-DA sounded).
  • The SS-R200 RCA inputs accepts synth 5V P/P signals without a lot of fuss
  • Good, easy to use front panel UI
  • Good manual
  • Works on SD cards, which are cheaper (and taste better) than a Big Mac
  • Remote control with a long cord (hey!)

In other words, someone at Tascam did good work on this one.

So what does this have to do with DIY?  I want to do sound on sound, 2 of these in one rack, so I figure I'd build a couple of quick mult-panels to accommodate, with some normals etc.

After sleeping on it, bingo, I know how I want to do this.

Hand drawn wiring setup (rear view) looks like this:

I use 3.5mm "normalled" TS jacks for my DIY work--I had to choose something, and always thought on the ARP2600 this was a good combination of size, convenience, and ease of using normals.

I already had about 6 unpopulated alubase panels I got from PCBWAY.

From here building 2 of these was easy work.  After mounting jacks and soldering up the mults and normals, I cut the one end off a couple of junk RCA stereo cables I had and used the cable and remaining males.

Here it is in my Fracrak:

Still need to label the panel, using Lazertran, but I am finished with the artwork already:

One of those things that's fun and easy.  

OK off to put some guitar parts through a Balanced modulator.  I'll have sound samples soon.  Really!

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